What will happen to your land when you're gone?

You’ve spent your life building your family business. We help to ensure the next generation allow your business to continue to grow as it passes to them.


“Over 1.5 million farms will transfer to the next generation in the next 20 years.”


“But only 11% of family farms have a transition plan in place.” –Source

Preserve your life’s work by growing your business for the next generation.


Our Asset Preservation process covers all aspects of your land and business to ensure your family achieves their goals through a successful transition.



Succession planning is a critical part of passing your land to the next generation to ensure they’re prepared to continue on with your life’s work to grow the family business. 


The future doesn’t have to be uncertain. Taking the next step is easy and requires no commitment on your part to explore your options.

Know what you have, to get what you need


By assessing what your family has, we can determine the best options to achieve your desired goals.

Design the right approach for your family


We help you prioritize the right aspects of your legacy. We do not place you into a templated program.

Understand why we’re taking this approach


We will not have you in any program that doesn’t benefit you. We’ll connect all activities to your goals.

I am a...
Do you own property, or farm land?
Do you have your business succession plan in order?
Do you have long-term-care provisions in place to protect your savings & home?
Is your property protected against bankruptcy, divorce, litigation?
Do you know the coverage limits of your General Liability policy?
Do you have an Umbrella Policy in place?
Are your coverages based on Actual Cash Value or Replacement cost?


Do you currently have Life, Long-Term Care, or Disability Income Insurance?
Will your children inherit the farm? 
If so do all of them plan on remaining in the business?
Has someone ever completed a financial plan for you?

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